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Bedding and Pot Plant Production

Crops which are grown in small volumes of compost such as strips and pots face the inherent problem of the compost only being able to hold relatively small amounts of water resulting in high watering frequencies.
The addition of SwellGel to the compost will dramatically increase the water holding capacity and extend watering intervals by double or more.
During the winter months SwellGel only releases stored water as needed, preventing an overwatering situation and allowing the compost to be kept on the drier side helping to reduce the possibilities of disease.
SwellGel will provide peace of mind and allow extra time to be spent in other important areas plus provides quality results in the home and garden for total satisfaction.

Incorporate dry SwellGel granules into the compost at a rate of 1kg/m3 (1000 litres) of compost (equivalent to 1g per litre). After planting water well twice at 1 hour intervals to fully charge the SwellGel granules.

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