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Hanging Baskets

With a highly populated amount of plants in a relatively small amount of growing media, competition for water and nutrients is high.
SwellGel helps maintaining adequate water supplies and drastically reduces watering frequencies whilst providing an environment for improved plant growth.

Mix with compost at planting up stage – mix dry granules into bottom ¾ of basket compost or add to compost as a pre-mix. Water well twice at 1 hour intervals to fully charge the SwellGel granules.

25cm (10”) basket                        1 scoop
30cm (12”) basket                        2 scoops
35cm (14”) basket                        3 scoops
40cm (16”) basket                        4 scoops
45cm (18”) basket                        5 scoops

Or 1.75g per litre of compost, 120g per 70 litre bag (1 scoop = 5g)

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