SwellGel water storing granules
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Houseplants and Conservatory Plants

SwellGel helps maintain adequate water supplies and drastically reduces watering frequencies whilst providing an environment for improved plant growth. Furthermore by reducing the necessary watering frequency SwellGel ensures that houseplants require less watering and can therefore be left unattended for certain periods of time i.e. holidays etc.

Incorporate dry SwellGel granules into the compost at a rate of ¼ scoop per litre of compost and re-pot the plants into the new improved mix. Water well to fully charge the SwellGel granules.

Where re-potting is not possible use a pencil or garden cane to make evenly distributed holes throughout the compost and sprinkle dry SwellGel granules into each hole using table below as a guide. Cover holes with compost and water well twice at 1 hour intervals to fully charge the SwellGel granules.

Pot Size             Total SwellGel            Number of holes
15cm                        ½ scoop                   4
20cm                        1 scoop                      6
25cm                        2 scoops                    8

1 scoop = 5g

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