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Vegetable Plots

For season long benefit:
Treat the whole vegetable plot at a rate of 100g/m2 of dry SwellGel
(approx 20 scoops) and incorporate into the top 20cm prior to planting, this will ensure plenty of moisture is held at the root zone.

To assist germination and early growth:
Incorporate 2 scoops of dry SwellGel per metre run of seed drill and gently work into top 5cm of soil. This will aid germination and help prevent soil capping.

To assist transplant establishment:
For bare root transplants such as cabbages/strawberries simply make a planting hole and mix ½ scoop of dry SwellGel into each planting station. This will help to reduce transplant shock.

In all cases water well twice at 1 hour intervals to fully charge the SwellGel granules.

1 scoop = 5g

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